Our Brand

The Designer

Li Lam aims to allow women to connect to their inner selves and appreciate their unique beauty. In 2008, the first Boutique was opened in the heart of Saigon, touting designs known for simplicity, sensuality and elegance.

With her exceptional aesthetic sense, anything could become an endless inspiration for Lam designs, especially nature. Each of her creations infused with passion and enchantment. The motion of Lam designs remind woman to love her body, free her soul and open her heart.

The Brand

Simplicity, classy and sophistication are cornerstone values in its design. Every piece, with the most delicate choice of fabric and mindful details, speaks a story that unveils characters and empowers that unique beauty in each woman.

Designed to flatter women’s shapes through finest materials, it provides comfort and style for women seeking confidence in their own skins.