Lam Woman – Nga Duong

Lam Woman – Nga Duong

A frequent traveler who managed her life between Milan and Hoi An, Nga Duong is the woman that fascinated us with dream she lives and the business she runs. We were lucky to catch on with her once when we were in Hoi An to get to know about her sharing on a typical morning or just a favorite place she loves to come.

1. Where do you go to be alone in Hoi An?

Early morning on An Bang beach or bicycling though the idyllic paddy fields in Tra Que.

2. Why Hoi An is your choice for business and not Saigon or Hanoi?

Because of its poetic beauty and the kindness of local people, the efficiency of the local government and of course all the lovely tourists that come here. But Hoi an is just the beginning, I’ll keep Sai gon and Ha noi for the near future.

3. What is your favourite song recently?

There are songs and artists which you think you just like them very much, but one day you recognize that you really are falling in love with them, and I have more than one song at the moment: I’ll take care of you by Ray Charles, most of the songs from David Bowie and Marvin Gaye.

4. Are there any people in a similar field to you that you draw inspiration from, or who you feel paved the way for you to do what you’re doing now?

I usually draw inspiration from artists and sculptors but there are also some contemporary jewelry designers from the Netherlands that I like a lot such as Ralph Bakker, Gijs Bakker just to name a few.

Nga wears Lam Kimono and Lam Lover Dress
Nga wears in layers by Lam Luna 129 Long Dress with Lam Lover Dress

5. Do you remember the first time you met Lam?

Of course I still remember, was quite funny. It was an April afternoon two years ago. I was on the balcony of GAM and saw Lam passing by with Tim Pham and Thien Minh, she was so elegant as always. I just went back to Viet nam the year before and started to take notice on things happening here. I’d read her article on Đep magazine and her blog On the moves and was impressed by this special woman and now she‘s right here so I called her hey, are you Li Lam? First she smiled and they continued their way but I saw them back within a second. We drank something together and talked for quite a long time. The next day was her birthday so Lam came back to have a bottle of wine and I gave her a small gateaux.

6. Can you share about your typical morning routine?

I’m not a morning bird so I often have late morning start. I go jogging or have my dancing routine for one hour (sometime in the afternoon), then arrive at GAM to have coffee, cigarettes and say sorry to my body with a parade of healthy juices that my favorite barman prepares. After that I control the whole place and check the work in progress with our jewelry workshop in Ha noi on Skype as well as working with the staff in duong boutique.

7. How do you normally end your day?

A glass of Bourbon on the rocks at GAM then come back home to see one or two movies or finish my book.

8. What is your favorite quote?

There are some quotes which I just remember the meaning: Carpe diem. Enjoy the day, pluck the day when it is ripe.